Network Marketing – Beware Selling The Idea Of Selling

Written by Steve Winduss on September 26, 2010 – 10:27 pm -

Selling The Idea Of Selling

Network marketing prospecting is the real heart of your network marketing business – selling the idea of selling. In other words, whilst selling products to friends, relatives and other contacts starts the sales commissions rolling, there’s a better way.

The real money is to be made through proactive network marketing prospecting and bringing more and more people into your network. If you can get 5 people to join you and they each get 5 people who in turn each get 5 people and you get sales commissions from all of them, then you can make some serious money.

However, network marketing has picked up a bit of bad karma. The evangelistic methods passed down from network leaders through their distributors to unsuspecting public like you and me has left a little problem.

Yes, in theory it all makes sense. Yes, it’s legal and honest. Yes, you are selling good products (because you did your homework didn’t you!). But inevitably you will – over a period – try to sell to all of your friends and relatives because, if you are trained properly, you will start to see anything that moves as a potential prospect.

You won’t be able to help yourself. Instead of seeing friends and family as people, you start to see them as OPPORTUNITIES.

And guess what? Your friends and family will start to feel like opportunities, not people. Unless you are very careful, they will start to dread you coming over to preach your “opportunity”.

And you can’t wait to get over there because you can’t wait to start preaching again! It’s inevitable. Your network marketing training demands it. Your upline sponsor demands it, your team meetings demand it. The problem is, for those of us not as enlightened as you it is downright boring and painful.

Every inch of your excitement is an inch of our misery.

So think carefully from the outset about your network marketing prospecting strategy, if selling the idea of selling means putting relations and relationships on the line or whether you will go about it in a different way.  The choice is yours. And by the way, there are other ways………

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One Comment to “Network Marketing – Beware Selling The Idea Of Selling”

  1. Ian Says:

    Hi Steve I found the Network Marketing – Beware selling the idea of selling write up very interesting. Having signed up for a MLM company I can relate to what you are saying especially turning friends and relatives into Opportunities. We were trained to do just that. Interestingly you end with:

    And by the way, there are other ways………

    Please could you expand a little on these other ways please.